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Every Roofer on Our Staff Has Years of Experience Repairing Commercial and Residential Roofing Materials.

If your commercial or residential roofing materials are starting to show signs of aging and you need to hire a roofer in Savannah, GA, contact the staff at RoofCrafters. We offer expert services to repair, replace and restore a wide range of roofing materials for several types of roofs. We partner with the industry’s leading roofing manufacturers to ensure that you get the strongest roofing system that will provide the best protection from even the worst storms. If your roof has already been damaged by a storm, our staff of certified, professional roofing contractors can help repair all the damage and get your roof back in excellent working condition. Whatever you need for your residential and commercial roofing system, let a member of our staff be your primary roofer in Savannah, GA. We guarantee the best installation of the finest roofing materials to give you the best roof your building or home has ever seen. Give us a call at 912-920-4147 to schedule your next roofing repair appointment today.

Expert Services From a Professional Roofer

In order to ensure that our customers have access to the right roofing solutions when you need them, every roofer at RoofCrafters is proud to offer a wide range of commercial and residential roofing services. We offer services for commercial and residential roof repairs and maintenance. In addition to our general roofing repairs, we also offer a variety of alternative roofing services that are designed to give you a strong durable roof for a fraction of the cost. Call our office at 912-920-4147 the next time you need to hire a professional roofer in Savannah, GA. If you want more information about services, click on the pages below.

Residential Roofing

Get Residential Roof Repair From a Reliable Roofer

Home With New Residential Roofing MaterialsMaintaining the strength of your residential roofing materials is one of the most important parts of keeping your home in excellent condition. If your roofing materials are damaged, it can lead to severe problems inside your home and pose a health threat to your family. If you’re looking for a roofer to repair or replace your residential roofing, RoofCrafters is here to help. We offer a wide variety of residential roofing materials and can guarantee each one will be installed with the utmost care. Our staff is committed to making sure you get the right solution for all your roofing problems, which is why we take the time to listen to your needs.  Whether you need a full roof replacement or just some minor repairs, out staff works hard to get your roof back in the finest condition in no time at all.

  • Residential Roof Repair Regular roof repairs are less expensive than a roof replacement and can extend the life of your roofing materials.
  • Residential Roof Installation If you are building a new home, it is very important for you to hire a dependable roofing company to complete the roof installation.
  • Residential Roof Replacement When your roofing materials need to be replaced our staff can help you choose the right materials for your roof replacement.
  • Roof Decking Repair & Installation Maintaining the strength of your roof decking is very important because it will prevent a roof collapse.
  • Roof Flashing Repair If you want to protect your home from leaks and water damage, schedule your roof flashing repair today.
  • Residential Roof Inspections Routine roof inspections can pinpoint damage to your roof before it has a chance to cause serious damage to your home.
  • Gutter Repair & Installation We offer expert gutter repair services to protect your home from serious water damage during the next big rainstorm.
  • Soffit & Fascia Repair Soffits and fascia provide a clean appearance to your home and protect your attic from bug infestations and water damage.

Commercial Roofing

Expert Commercial Roofing from Your Local Roofer

Roofers Installing Commercial Roofing MateialsWhether you have a flat roof or a low sloped roof if you are the owner of a commercial building you understand how important it is to hire a reliable roofer to care for your roofing materials. At RoofCrafters, we provide a variety of commercial roofing services to ensure that you can get the repairs you need before your roofing problems cause further problems for your business. Our staff has years of experience repairing, replacing and installing commercial roofing products, and we will work with you to find a solution that works for both your building and your budget. Give us a call at 912-920-4147 to schedule your commercial roofing appointment today. We are able to find solutions to solve a wide range of problems on both flat and low sloped roofs. Our goal is to make sure your business isn’t going to be held back a failing roof.

  • Commercial Roof Replacement When your commercial roof are showing signs of aging, we offer a wide range of roofing materials for the replacement.
  • Commercial Roof Repair We can repair minor leaks, cracks, and dents in your commercial roofing materials to protect your business from water damage.
  • Commercial Roof Installation Our staff offers professional roof installation services for several different types of commercial roofing materials.
  • Commercial Roof Inspections If you want to extend the life of your commercial roofing membranes, be sure to schedule regular roof inspections.
  • Commercial Roof Washing Washing the debris off your roof will prolong the usefulness of your roofing materials and increase the energy efficiency of your building.
  • Commercial Roof Consulting Our staff can help you understand all the details of repairing, replacing or installing your commercial roofing materials.
  • Cool Roofing Materials If you are looking for a way to improve your buildings energy efficiency, installing a reflective roof is a great way to start.
  • Flat Roofing Materials We offer professional installation for several different types of single ply roofing membranes that will resolve any problems on your flat roof.

Roof Coatings

Hire Roofer For Your Professional Roof Coatings

Roofers Applying a Roof CoatingWhen your roofing materials begin to show signs of aging you might think that it is time to schedule a roof replacement. Before you start picking out a brand new roofing system, contact the staff and ask about our services for roof coatings and restorations. These roofing services are designed to revitalize your roofing system and if applied by a dependable roofer can extend the life of your roofing materials by 10 to 12 years. Our staff offers a wide variety of roof coatings for several different types of commercial roofing systems. We can apply roof coatings to both flat and low sloped roofs.  When you call our office to repair your commercial roofing system, we guarantee that we will work with you to determine if a roof restoration is an option for your roof, or if there is another alternative roofing solution we can use to fix your roof and save you money.

  • Flat Roof Coatings Coating your flat roofing materials can protect your roof from water damage, leaks and water ponding.
  • Metal Roof Coatings Metal roof coatings can revitalize the energy efficiency of your roof and prevent the spread of rust and corrosion.
  • Industrial Roof Coatings We offer services to restore factory, warehouse and other industrial roofs. No roof is too big for us to coat.
  • Rubber Roof Coatings If you want to increase the water resistance of your building, you can’t go wrong with a rubber roof coating.
  • Acrylic Roof Coatings Acrylic roof coating materials can transform your old roof into a reflective roof that will increase the energy efficiency of your building.
  • Silicone Roof Coatings When you need a roof coating without the toxic fumes, consider applying silicone roof coatings materials.
  • Polyurea Roof Coatings Polyurea roof coating materials are an excellent choice for metal roofing systems, including standing seam metal roofs.
  • Elastomeric Roof Coatings If you’re looking for a durable, water-resistant roofing material, consider getting an elastomeric roof coating.

Storm Damage

Contact Your Local Roofer for Expert Roof Storm Damage Repair

Hail Damaged Shingles

Severe weather can wreak havoc on both commercial and residential roofing materials. If your home or business has recently endured a storm and you suspect their might damage on the roof, call 912-920-4147 and schedule an appointment for roof storm damage repair with a roofer from RoofCrafters. We can repair minor damage caused by small hailstone or replace your entire roof after a hurricane. Regardless of your roofing needs, we are here to make sure your home is well protected during the next big storm.

  • Hail Damage Repair If your roof has been damaged by a hailstorm, our staff can install impact-resistant roofing materials to protect your home in the future.
  • Wind Damage Repair When strong winds have sent your roofing materials flying, contact our office right away for professional repairs.
  • Roof Leak Repair Storm damage on your roof can lead to leaks. Let our staff repair those leaks before they cause serious damage to your home.
  • Emergency Roof Repair If the storm damage on your roof is severe, contact our staff right away for emergy roofing services to prevent further damage to your home.
  • Insurance Claims Assistance When you get ready to file an insurance claim for your roof storm damage, let our staff complete the preliminary inspection.

Quality Metal Roof Installation From Your Local Roofer

Metal Roof Being Installed by a Professional Roofer

If You Need a Roofer to Install Your Metal Roofing Materials, Contact Our Office.

In addition to our expert services, our company provides quality products to install on both commercial and residential roofing materials. Metal roofing is one our most common materials, and we highly recommend it because it provides excellent protection from storm damage as well as leaks and water damage. You can purchase metal roofing materials in several different styles, colors, and textures. If properly installed by a professional roofer, a metal roofing system can last for more than 30 years. For more information, or to schedule an appointment for your metal roof installation in Savannah, GA, contact the staff a RoofCrafters at 912-920-4147. We are here to make sure the roof on your home or business looks great and will provide quality protection from the elements.

Get the Best Shingles From a Dependable Roofer

House with Premium Shingles Installed by a Reliable Roofer

Premium Roofing Shingles Installed by an Expert Roofer Can Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal.

Metal roofing isn’t the only type of roofing product we provide for our customers. We also work with several different types of premium roofing shingles. These shingles are a step up from the traditional asphalt shingle and they provide more protection than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a high-end roofing system without the high-end price, or you want to improve your home’s curb appeal with tile roofing materials, our staff is here to help you choose the right roofing material for your home and your finances. Call our office at 912-920-4147 to speak with a roofer about installing premium roofing shingles in Savannah, GA.

Schedule Your Appointment With a Roofer

If you are looking for a reliable roofer in Savannah, GA, you can’t go wrong with the staff at RoofCrafters. We offer professional installation services for the industry’s finest roofing materials. When we come to your home or business, we will take the time to listen to your needs to ensure that the roofing services we provide are going to give you the solutions that you need. Give us a call at 912-920-4147 to speak with a dependable roofer on our staff today.