Rubber Roof Coating Experts

Roofer Applying a Rubber Roof Coating

Applying a Rubber Roof Coating to Your Roof Can Improve Your Roof’s Resistance to Water Damage.

Do you have a rubber or EPDM roof system in your commercial building? If so, you understand how valuable your rubber roofing system is to your building, and that keeping it in good condition is the best method to protect your roof. An entire rubber roofing installation or replacement can be very expensive, but with with a rubber roof restoration, you can conserve money and extend the longevity of your roofing. Rubber roof restoration can be difficult, but at RoofCrafters, our rubber roof coatings are ideal for the job. To speak with an expert roofer about rubber roof coating in Savannah, GA, call the crew at 912-920-4147!

Benefits of Rubber Roof Coatings

Rubber roof coatings are similar to other types of roofing coatings in that they are budget-friendly and extremely simple to apply. The kind of roof coating you’ll need is dependent on the type of rubber roofing you currently have since varying coatings work well in varying situations. For instance, look at vulcanized rubber roofs, that are chemically resistant to specific materials, and you will see why the kind of rubber roof coating is so important! Roof coatings can endure for ten years, effectively adding to the lifespan of your roof system, but proper application is essential! A properly applied rubber roof coating can protect your building from leaks and water damage due to water ponding on the roof. These roofing materials are completely waterproof and will protect your building from a wide range of storm damage.

Choosing The Right Roof Coating

If you think rubber roof coatings may be the perfect solution for your rubber roof requirements, we’re here to assist you. Roof restoration is an efficient way to get the defense you want out of your existing roof, instead of needing to purchase a completely new roof system. The cost is much less expensive than that of a replacement, and the installation process is typically very fast. Talk with our professionals at 912-920-4147 now to learn more about your choices for rubber roof coating in Savannah, GA. We are committed roofing professionals, and we’re happy to help you with your next roof restoration project.