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Is your commercial structure in need of an updated and more effective roofing solution? In that case, you might be interested to know more about easy-to-install, completely seamless, polyurethane foam roof systems. This roof style, created from isocyanate and polyol, is a liquid that is spray-applied onto your roofing, and later sealed with an exceptionally durable elastomeric coating. Since this roof system is seamless, it provides superior leak protection, and excellent UV protection, making it great for nearly any commercial roof. For foam roofing installation in Savannah, GA that is both professional and affordable, call the experts at RoofCrafters by dialing 912-920-4147 now! One of our foam roofing specialties is applying SPF spray foam roofing materials.

Is Foam Roofing A Good Choice?

In order to provide reliable protection from rain, many commercial roofs are covered with layers of roofing material that are connected by bonded seams. Due to its seamless installation, you can skip the usual problem of seam weakening over time. Foam roofing is also simple to install around rooftop protrusions such as A/C units or vents, as it is very flexible, and can adhere to nearly any surface. As an added bonus, these roofing systems need very little maintenance as compared to similar commercial roofing materials. In addition to being incredibly lightweight, and with proper installation, a foam roofing installation can last you 20 years or longer.  Foam roofing materials can be used to restore your aging commercial roofing system, and you can rest assured that it will resolve any serious problems with leaks and water damage you might have been experiencing.

Foam Roof Installation Services

Foam roofing provides an affordable and simple-to-install roofing system for many commercial structures, which is why we offer them here at RoofCrafters. This roofing material offers a variety of benefits that save you money both in the application and throughout the lifetime of the roof system, such as improved energy efficiency. Because foam roofing is generally white and very reflective, it can quickly reflect the sun’s light, making your building significantly cooler in the summer months, which keeps your energy bills manageable. Foam roof systems have been proven as an effective technique for reducing energy costs by 30%! Call on our roofing contractors now at 912-920-4147, for a swift and cost-effective foam roofing installation in Savannah, GA.