Green Roof Installation Service

Building After a Green Roof Installation

A Green Roof Installation Offers Quality Benefits for Your Building and the Environment.

Have you been experiencing increasingly high energy bills for your company building, potentially caused by your aging roof system? For a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly roofing system, you may find a green roof installation in Savannah, GA to be your perfect choice! Our crew is very experienced in the roofing industry, and we can assist you with a range of top-quality roof services. If you’d like to discover more about how our crew can assist you, give our office a ring at 912-920-4147!

Benefits of a Green Roof Installation

If you’re not entirely certain what green roofing is, you aren’t alone; the phrase often refers to more than a single type of roof. Many times, roof coatings are considered green roof systems, simply because they reduce the carbon footprint of your business, and positively reduce the building’s energy usage. Thanks to the easy application method of roof coatings, the original roof materials don’t need to be taken off, which means less trash is placed in local landfills. Due to how reflective roof coatings can be, they can effortlessly reflect the sun’s UV rays, which in turn lowers energy costs. As a roof option with plenty of benefits to the environment, roof coatings are recognized as a green roofing option.

Building with Green Roofing Materials

We Offer Green Roofing Materials as an Alternative Roofing Solution for Commercial Buildings.

Green roofing can also refer to roofs that are actually covered with living plants. It’s not particularly commonplace to see this kind of roof in North America, though more roofers are exploring the effects of green roofing when it comes to cooling buildings and the air that is around those structures. Roof systems with live vegetation have been shown to drastically reduce the temperature of their area. Urban cities take up a lot of space, but green roof systems offer ample space to grow native plant species. Through the reduction of greenhouse gases as well as the urban heat effect, these roof systems are recognized as an additional type of green roof installation. Green roofs have even been used for vegetable gardens, and refuges for endangered species of birds.

Are You Ready for a Green Roof Installation?

If you are interested in discovering more about green roof installation in Savannah, GA, give us a ring today at 912-920-4147! If you are interested in green roofing initiatives, our crew of experienced roof contractors is glad to assist you. At RoofCrafters, we only work with the highest quality of supplies as well, since we know that only the best materials can make the best roof systems.