Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Roofers Inspecting a Roof For Roof Damage Insurance Claims Purposes.

Our Staff Is Always Willing to Inspect Your Roof for Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims.

Do you want assistance with your roof insurance claim in Savannah, GA? Filing roof damage insurance claims with your insurance company can be an intense and disconcerting ordeal. Filing is a process that is trying and hard for the homeowner as you consider what damage is pertinent and should be filed. Hail and storm damage can be left unfixed and widen damage if not filed quickly and accordingly. For all of your roof damage insurance claims needs, call RoofCrafters! To aid you in assessing your roofing system once the storm has blown past, we offer thorough roof system inspection services. Any damage to your roofing system is exposed by our roofing contractors and is then examined with you to illuminate your options. If the damage is found to be substantial enough, we will advocate that you file roof damage insurance claims. Your insurance company will expect documentation from you when you file, and you can include our damage report in your paperwork.

Our team is always available when you need repair or replacement of your roofing system. Call us today at 912-920-4147 to begin on your roof damage insurance claims. We protect the interests of our customers, and help make sure that they receive what they're due from their insurance policy. Realistically, we can locate harm that the insurance company has missed. Even when the harm done to your roof does not look clearly obvious, call our company for a check-up following a major weather event. We will not only perform this check-up, but also supply you with guidance through the insurance process.

The process of Filing Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Having a roof inspection completed by a roofing company before you file roof damage insurance claims can be very beneficial during the claims process. Setting a date for your insurance adjuster to inspect your roof system is the first part of the filing process for many people. Your roof insurance claims adjuster will appraise at all the damage in order to make a report which makes clear what repairs are needed. When you receive a report from your roofing contractor, you have:

  • Proof For Your Filing
  • Detailed data on all present storm damage
  • Evidence of storm damage
  • And a leg to stand on when dealing with the insurance company
Home With a New Metal Roof

Once Your Roof Damage Insurance Claims Are Approved, Let Us Complete the Repairs.

When you deliver your documentation, ensure you send in your inspection report and the roofing company information for your insurance adjuster. Before and after photos of your roof are also a great idea to deliver for discernible evidence of damage. After the appraisal, your adjuster will send you their damage report based on their own assessment and the delivered documentation. This damage report will also come with a first check to help you get your repairs begun, followed by a second once they receive an invoice from the roofing company after they complete your roofing system.

Your Local Roofing Experts

When you require roof damage insurance claims, the roofing contractors at RoofCrafters are the experts to call. With our team, not only do you get inspections and roof repairs but also help through this trying procedure. Your roofing system specifications are met by our roofers as they keep you briefed on every part of the roofing process. For all of your roof damage insurance claims requirements in Savannah, GA and the surrounding area, call RoofCrafters at 912-920-4147 !